Saturday, May 30, 2009


Yesterday I turned 36. It is hard to say but is real. While I am facing new realities and I am becoming older, I am just wondering how "mature" should I look like.

Should I stop going for a rock show? Should I stop listening Linkin Park because they are reserved to teenagers? Should I turn and be more interested in Adult Contemporary Music? Should I pay attention to the "Parental Advisory" label? Should I stop going to the "General Admission" area in a Slayer-M. Manson show?

These are only some few questions regarding the way I use to live music, not to mention life as itself!

Maybe, I will never find the answers to those questions but for the moment I prefer to think that I still deserve at least a half of the energy to enjoy the next Metallica show.

Gracias infinitas a Ale & Vero por ese regalo tan especial que seguro disfrutare al verdad no me lo esperaba!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Shaved Peaches

Last Monday, we confirmed how time is not something that we can neglect.
Samantha was not there and it seems that Peaches is better when she (Sam) is on stage. Three years ago, the show was incredible and Peaches was about 40. Now that she is surely over 40, and me, I am approaching fast to that complex age, we expected nothing new but energized.

I believe that Peaches show was as good as the new album. Having said that, I can say that it was "ordinaire", almost predictable and hardly relevant.

Now, that I have seen pretty much everybody I like on stage, I must say that Peaches needs to go back to the old school. Bowie, Cooper, Simmons, WOW, Pop (Iggy, not the music), and even Manson's DVDs can help to cure this lack of energy...and please, don't get shaved and shake your tits!

I enjoyed the show though!

PD: By the way, DoD opening act was "penible"...

Friday, May 15, 2009

There is only one Peach with the hole in the middle!

I have never ridden a Harley but I must recognise that some Peaches' songs make me feel that I am riding one. This is the case with Rock Show, Rock 'n Roll, Boys Wanna Be Her, Kick it and the latest Show Stopper.

I have seen Peaches live twice. The first show was in her native TO in May 2004 while I was in the middle of an unexpected travel with unexpected individuals and with an unexpected company. That show made me feel that I was just in front of something unique, as the travel itself.

Peaches (and her native crowd, Torontonians) confirmed me that Glen Benton has still some way to walk through to offer an amazing rock show. Nothing diabolic but sexy, hardcore sexy. Hardcore sensual. Hardcore Peaches!

Two years later I saw her in MTL. The drummer, an incredible tomboy put the show to the top and the crowd, this time a better one (obviously, Montrealers) made me feel I was in the middle of something really special. A real rock show! Only Wendy O. Williams (R.I.P) could outshine her!

Peaches is an excellent performer. She gives the best of herself to offer the best she can get. However, I Feel Cream (her latest album) did not convinced me at the first she is proud to have no guitar played but in my case I need her in the same insanity in which she created her first album.

On Monday, we will see if she is that hairy as we expect and if Samantha will be there. Something that I know is, that nobody would better fill the opening act as Frigid. Drums of Death, Eagles of Death Metal or what-who ever Death available will never replace the feeling of a real rock show putting those borderline individuals together.

In 2004, I did not expect nothing from the show, nothing from this country, nothing from TO, nothing from nobody...but I expected lots from MTL. Coming back to MTL was so/some special and I will never forget the ride. Not on a Harley but on a mental motorcycle.

But now, I expect something from the show!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


It has been already a while that I have been asking myself why I find so exciting go buying a new record. I remember the first K7 that I bought with my very owned budget (it was actually a gift from my grandma Margot who always said yes to my petitions). Creatures of the night by Kiss...I was about eight or nine years old when I started to be interested in insane music and it has never stopped since.

In a electronic era in which iPods and downloading are giving pleasure to lazy folks, I prefer to go shopping to a record store. I used to have a favorite one in my native Caracas (aka Crack-ass) and in Montreal I have some choices but the store is not that important when I find what I am looking for.

Today, my dearest Nabe gave me a present after some petitions. Maybe, the same petitions that my grandma heard many years ago: please let's buy some music! In this case it was the latest and the most complete deLuxe Box Set of Sounds of the Universe by Depeche Mode.

A particular feeling installs when I am at the counter to make slide the debit/credit card (or someone's else). It is like life stops to wait for something that will exceed expectations. In this case, SOTU not only exceeds expectations but creates new ones.

On July 25th, we will be among some folks who will be expecting to see on stage one of the most influencing bands of the modern music. We just can't wait to see some insane music played live and confirm that we are all WRONG!