Thursday, October 22, 2009


It has been a while since the last time I visited NYC. The last time it was actually in 2002 where Miss Kittin and The Hacker were still beating every single indie bar with electro-pop. From that visit I remember some celebrities named Fern&Gab asking a doorman if the bar was closed and then exclaimed: " It's closed!!!".

We went to vOID and then to some afterhour to dance with Tenaglia. We visited the Beauty Bar, Barmacy (where an angel rescued us from the dark), LAI concert somewhere in SoHo and ate spicy thai food in TriBeCa. The day after we went for dinner at Pastis and saw the Trocadero ballet of Montecarlo in Chelsea. What a week!!! In a previous visit I remember CBGB and Twilo, the same week. Ok. The same week!!! In fact, in NYC everything can happen in a week or even in a day!

Today, I heard the latest single of LCD Soundsystem and reading one of their latest Twitter feeds I realized that I need to go back to New York: "if you're in nyc, come down to brooklyn bowl tonite for dfa cmj thing... holy ghost, shit robot, still going and us dj, yacht live! yikes!!"

If I go back to NYC one of these days, I will certainly try to maximize the experience as I did before. I would like to go to FAO Schwarz with Valentina but I will pursue a gig of James Murphy with any doubt. When I went to his disco party here in Montreal I felt in Brooklyn 1979.

I told him: "I've never heard disco like this"

He replied: "Thanks, I know. It is the New Yorker Style"

Then, my satisfaction quote is: "I was there!"

Friday, October 16, 2009