Wednesday, June 29, 2011

10 years after!

It was in 2001 that I visited Montreal for the very first time. By that time, I was single, professionally successful and somewhat famous. Famous among a bunch on guys who really appreciated the checkbook from the firm I used to work for. This was a reason enough to provide me access to the trendiest clubs in town. My life by that time was something like this:

- Mondays and Tuesdays working from 7AM to 6PM. Going back home after the eternal traffic or visit the Vampire (same traffic jam applied).

- Wednesdays: Gym by 8am; office from 10 to 5PM. Bars until midnight.

- Thursdays, Fridays: Gym by 10am; office from 1pm to 5pm. Bars and clubs until closing time.

- Saturdays (on and off): Bars, clubs and events until closing time.

- Sundays: Sleeping almost the full day. Movies by night with the Vampire.

You can imagine, a life of fun yeah? Trying to escape on holidays, I randomly chose the destination to go see U2’s Elevation Tour. Bought the ticket on line, booked the flight, no hotels reserved (to live the backpacking experience once again), no plans but openness up front. Final destination: Montreal, Canada!

Saturday afternoon, landed in Dorval, took the bus up to Lionel-Groulx station to take the subway up to Place d’Armes. Bought a city map and I was ready to hit the city. Once in Old Montreal, I perfectly remember how silent was/is the neighborhood on weekends and how noisy was my luggage in. Alternative Youth Hostel, local beer, good stuff already spotted and a series of bars and clubs to check out.

May 28th 2001, Centre Molson: U2 Elevation Tour. Amazing night out! Unforgettable experience! Magnificent!

Days after, I was flying back home via Miami with a life decision made. For those who know me better than others, you certainly know how the episode evolved. For the others, just figure out how life is in a rollercoaster after having put life of fun in two luggages and start from zero! GROUND ZERO!

So far, the rollercoaster has brought me to have Lionel-Giroux station as the closest to home; Old Montreal as the work area; less bars and clubs but a family package; almost, almost the same firm; no idea of those who made me think I was famous; no gym but a belly and finally more WITH than WITHOUT YOU!

U2 will be performing on July 8th and 9th 2011 in Montreal’s Hippodrome and I will ask myself what the fuck brought me to the North Pole!