Saturday, August 8, 2009

30 Years of going back in black!

Time flies! As I turned 36, my daughter turned six months. I realized that time passed in a sec and I have not blogged since May. It has been very difficult to find a moment to document all experiences and feelings lived behind a record spinning around and around. For me, music have been the mean to live sadness and happiness, highs and lows, good memories and bad memories or willingness and static states. Regardless the way I feel, music always represents freedom.

It is already August 2009 and I did not seize when I accomplished some of the milestones in my life. It is like I have jumped in an eternal "benji" and I am in a constant up and down at the fastest pace. I have promised myself to seize and enjoy the moment, take the time to write about the music I love (or hate) and live peacefully. But, time flies and I need more of it to write about, but not to enjoy music.

Tonight, I am going to be among 53 000 people at the Montreal Olympic Stadium. AC-DC will hit Montreal and I will remember how this dementia started back in late 70s. This dementia which represents freedom and joy or the purest enlightment. It has been about 30 years of riff and raffs, drums and lights, screams and claps. It has been about 30 years of passion and endless expenses. It has been a while, a short while.

AC-DC's show could be one of the most expected for me. Tonight, I will feel like I am 8 again, but going back home I will be promptly faced with my current 36!

So, I definetly will live the moment!

p.d: Depeche Mode TOTU's show was one of my best show ever. But unfourtunately, I was WRONG!


  1. Great post! i am sure that everybody at the Olympic Stadium and any place where ACDC is playing is having the time of their life. Soon i am going to feel like 15 again..hopefully my legs will feel like that as well!


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